Mariages à l'étranger

Un mariage royal à Jaipur !

A three days amazing wedding in the Rajasthali Palace & Resort in Jaipur, India !

I was very lucky to be able to photograph this royal wedding in Jaipur. It was a real grand wedding like everyone can dream of.
Garima and Anurag are a very cute and sweet couple living in the pink city of Jaipur. They decided to celebrate their most beautiful day in the romantic Rajasthali Palace & Resort near the city.
Everything was there to spend awesome days with them and their families.
Here are some pictures of their hindu’s ceremonies and a few portraits of the bride and groom.
I would like to thank the awesome team of photographers from « Alif Studio« . It was a real pleasure to work by your sides.
Enjoy the happy and colorful images of this big fat indian wedding.

Garima&Anurag-132 Garima&Anurag-77 Garima&Anurag-75 Garima&Anurag-1 Garima&Anurag-3 Garima&Anurag-7 Garima&Anurag-11 Garima&Anurag-10 Garima&Anurag-12 Garima&Anurag-4 Garima&Anurag-18 Garima&Anurag-19 Garima&Anurag-22 Garima&Anurag-23 Garima&Anurag-15 Garima&Anurag-25 Garima&Anurag-26 Garima&Anurag-27 Garima&Anurag-30 Garima&Anurag-35 Garima&Anurag-32 Garima&Anurag-37 Garima&Anurag-38 Garima&Anurag-43 Garima&Anurag-40 Garima&Anurag-71 Garima&Anurag-6 Garima&Anurag-45 Garima&Anurag-47 Garima&Anurag-49 Garima&Anurag-51 Garima&Anurag-62 Garima&Anurag-78 Garima&Anurag-80 Garima&Anurag-81 Garima&Anurag-86 Garima&Anurag-87 Garima&Anurag-90 Garima&Anurag-93 Garima&Anurag-98 Garima&Anurag-99 Garima&Anurag-100 Garima&Anurag-101 Garima&Anurag-102 Garima&Anurag-103 Garima&Anurag-113 Garima&Anurag-104 Garima&Anurag-106 Garima&Anurag-120 Garima&Anurag-105 Garima&Anurag-118 Garima&Anurag-110 Garima&Anurag-115 Garima&Anurag-116 Garima&Anurag-122 Garima&Anurag-124 Garima&Anurag-128 Garima&Anurag-127 Garima&Anurag-129 Garima&Anurag-131 Garima&Anurag-133 Garima&Anurag-155 Garima&Anurag-141 Garima&Anurag-140 Garima&Anurag-154 Garima&Anurag-139 Garima&Anurag-149 Garima&Anurag-143 Garima&Anurag-148 Garima&Anurag-147 Garima&Anurag-151 Garima&Anurag-161 Garima&Anurag-160 Garima&Anurag-166 Garima&Anurag-163 Garima&Anurag-158 Garima&Anurag-168 Garima&Anurag-170 Garima&Anurag-171 Garima&Anurag-172 Garima&Anurag-175 Garima&Anurag-173 Garima&Anurag-177 Garima&Anurag-180 Garima&Anurag-183 Garima&Anurag-194 Garima&Anurag-195 Garima&Anurag-196 Garima&Anurag-188 copie-2 Garima&Anurag-185 copie-2 Garima&Anurag-197 Garima&Anurag-198 Garima&Anurag-203 Garima&Anurag-206 Garima&Anurag-208 Garima&Anurag-209 Garima&Anurag-211 Garima&Anurag-213 Garima&Anurag-214 Garima&Anurag-217 Garima&Anurag-219 Garima&Anurag-222 Garima&Anurag-225 Garima&Anurag-229 Garima&Anurag-232 Garima&Anurag-233 Garima&Anurag-235 Garima&Anurag-240 Garima&Anurag-242 Garima&Anurag-244

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