Engagement Mariages à l'étranger

Pre-wedding portraits at the Mehrauli archaeological park in New-Delhi !

Here is my beautiful indian couple, Sneha and Prateek, again with some more images of their pre-wedding session in New-Delhi. This time I went with them to the haunted Mehrauli archaeological park to shoot their engagement pictures.
Sneha and Prateek, our sweet couple, wanted pictures with more western style clothes. I spotted a few nice ruins in the vast park where we could find some good lights.
We spent a wonderful afternoon in this nice historical place of New-Delhi and I really love the pictures.

Sneha&Prateek-28 Sneha&Prateek-29 Sneha&Prateek-41 Sneha&Prateek-38 Sneha&Prateek-31 Sneha&Prateek-35 Sneha&Prateek-33 Sneha&Prateek-36 Sneha&Prateek-43 Sneha&Prateek-48 Sneha&Prateek-47 Sneha&Prateek-44 Sneha&Prateek-51

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