Destination weddings

Traveling all around the world to photograph your wedding is what’s the most exciting in my job. Traveling is a big passion and I’m always happy when a client is calling from the other side of the planet.
I’ve been blessed since years and been lucky to find amazing clients that had confidence in me and asked me to come to another country and shoot their wedding. I was lucky to photograph the love in many countries. My work has brought me to over 50 countries spanning several continents, including Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe
My wedding photography has taken me all over the world, including Brazil, the Caribbean, India, Thailand, the US, Turkey, Pakistan and Europe with France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Italy

I am ready to shoot weddings anywhere so if you’re from outside France, bring it ! I am available in 232 countries (yes even in countries not recognized by the international community). It’s fantastic isn’t it ?

Gregory Kauffmann Photography – Destination wedding photographer all around the world

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